Risk Management and Mitigation

Keeping You Safe When the Worst Happens

In times of crisis or disaster, we provide organizations and communities with a full range of response and planning services to reduce risk, prepare for hazards, and recover from crises.

When the worst happens, we deliver rapid, targeted and adaptable crisis management, communications and response solutions to help our customers to overcome any challenge they face. Our crisis response teams provide advice and support during or after a crisis strikes, preparing you to deal with any problems you may face when your business is threatened or impacted by a critical incident.


Comprehensive Services and Protective Measures for Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created critical issues for governments and businesses across the globe, from dealing with the spread of the virus to disruption and economic impact. In response to this crisis, PRG offers a fully integrated risk management solution that includes protective measures to keep the outbreak from overwhelming hospitals and advance businesses with disinfection capabilities.

Our COVID-19 emergency response services are used by governments and businesses, domestic and foreign. We provide rapid response capabilities that enable business continuity and mitigate risks that jeopardize the safety of personnel, property, critical infrastructure and reputation.